AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMCustom Scalable Autonomous Control of Your Vehicle

Through the implementation of a tele-operated system, control of the vehicle has been moved outside of the physical vehicle itself, whether at a nearby field station or a more remote control room. Even with remote control, a human is still making all the decisions, making it a reactionary process.

Become proactive with the installation of an autonomous system. Building off of the tele-operated robotic system, an autonomous system allows independent travel and tasks to be completed with human oversight, not human control.


Multiple Levels of Control

TORC’s autonomy system can be customized to operate in a wide range of environments, from off-road terrain to urban settings, with advanced navigational features that allow vehicle localization/location in GPS-denied areas. Our engineers can design an autonomous system for your vehicle that will provide task-specific behavior or work tool control.

Instructions not Needed

With a wide range of interfaces, the operator control unit (OCU) can be tailored to work how your operators work, making the transition from vehicle to OCU quick and painless. The OCU offers a complete operator solution, integrating vehicle monitoring, work tool control, mission planning, and perception.

Scalable Solution

Whether you have one vehicle or several vehicles, TORC’s autonomous system is completely scalable to meet your needs while remaining cost effective to maximize both productivity and your return on investment. You decide what level of autonomy is needed to meet your task requirements and situation.


Tailor Your Behavior

Different industries require different solutions; the one commonality is TORC’s autonomous system. Our autonomous system can carry out complex tasks safely and reliably, delivering a concise solution to your need, whatever your need. We can provide you with software and tools to develop complex behaviors for your vehicle and any attached equipment or work tools. Operators monitor and control the vehicle behaviors through our intuitive interface, providing complete situational awareness of the vehicle and operating status.

Navigate Like Never Before

TORC’s autonomous system brings an innovative approach to operator control of unmanned and autonomous ground vehicles. Follow-me capabilities enable the vehicle to follow the operator and/or other vehicles at a set safe distance, enabling convoys to easily and safely form and travel. For more challenging conditions, waypoints can be programmed into the OCU, allowing the vehicle to travel a set path and perform certain actions at each waypoint. You decide the level of autonomy needed to complete your tasks—it’s as easy as that!


From City Streets to Rugged Terrain

TORC’s autonomous system provides your vehicle with self-driving capabilities. This allows the vehicle to operate in dynamic on-road or uneven off-road environments. The autonomous system’s on-road behaviors include interacting with other vehicles and following traffic laws/regulations. Off-road capabilities include advanced perception and navigation while performing custom tasks. TORC can help you accomplish more with less!