TORC Robotics Sponsors Driverless Car Summit 2012

Posted On: Tuesday, June 05th 2012

First Annual Event Draws Leading Researchers, Policy Makers, and Autonomous Vehicle Experts

BLACKSBURG, VA (June 06, 2012) – TORC Robotics is proud to announce its sponsorship of the first annual Driverless Car Summit 2012, held by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) in Detroit, Michigan. From June 12-13, leaders in the mobile robotics and automotive industries will join policy makers from across the country to discuss legal, technological, and societal issues that will continue paving the way for driverless cars to become a mainstream reality in the coming years.



For the past several years, TORC has been selling its mobile robotics research platform, the ByWire XGV™, as a facilitating piece of the technology hurdle for organizations researching, developing, and testing autonomous vehicle technologies. Customers of the XGV include vehicle OEMs, US and international research universities, government organizations, and developers of autonomous navigation and sensor technologies. The integration-ready base vehicle, which consists of drive-by-wire control, integrated safety, and power distribution options, allows customers to jump start their projects and stay focused on solving more advanced autonomous vehicle challenges.




Recently, the ByWire XGV has served as the platform of choice for a prototype autonomous vehicle for base security operations, in the NFB Blind Driver Challenge™, by a vehicle OEM to test driver-assist technologies, and by a Brazilian research university to develop autonomous navigation software. Because the XGV is continually developed, documented and supported, customers find it both time and cost-effective by allowing them to skip the intensive process of preparing the vehicle for autonomous technology integration. TORC is currently using it as the test platform while developing the Long-Range Obstacle Detection (LROD) software and sensor payload, which will enable high-speed autonomous vehicle operation in more complex environments by significantly increasing the range at which obstacles can be accurately detected and classified.

Michael Fleming, CEO of TORC Robotics, will be participating in a talk show-style discussion on Wednesday, June 13, with Dr. Jim Overholt from the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC). Fleming will be discussing a variety of issues and technology challenges as consumers, and many commercial markets, move towards adopting autonomous vehicle technology.

TORC is working with manufacturers in various vehicle classes and market verticals to provide customers with integrated drive-by-wire, safety, and power management systems using its ByWire™ Kit. Vehicle OEMs interested in offering custom kits to enable remote or autonomous control of their vehicles can request a consultation by visiting TORC online or calling 1-540-443-92621-540-443-9262.